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25 Cream Cheese Dip Recipes for Every Occasion (1)Lisa Kaminski

25 Cream Cheese Dip Recipes for Every Occasion (2)Hannah PughUpdated: Jan. 11, 2024

    The secret ingredient to smooth, decadent appetizers: cream cheese. Here are our best cream cheese dip recipes.

    25 Cream Cheese Dip Recipes for Every Occasion (3)TMB Studio

    Cream cheese dip in all its forms is the perfect party starter. A brick of your favorite cream cheese can be transformed into sweet dips perfect for dunking fruit and cookies. You can also use cream cheese to make savory, addicting dips.

    Whatever route you take, you’ll never find leftovers after your shindig.

    Buffalo Chicken Dip

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    For many, buffalo chicken dip is the first recipe that comes to mind when someone sayscream cheese dip. This dip is creamy, spicy and a touch salty—exactly what your guests want at your game day party.

    Fluffy Caramel Apple Dip

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    taste of home

    After your trip to the apple orchard, stir up this caramel cream cheese dip. It’s the perfect pairing with a crisp Cortland apple or tart Granny Smith (or really any type of apple!).

    Pimiento and Cheese Spread

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    Taste of Home

    Pimiento cheese spread is a must at southern parties, but Food Editor Rashanda Cobbins argues that everyone should give this cream cheese dip a try! It’s creamy but gets a kick from cayenne and paprika.

    Dill Pickle Dip

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    Pickle lovers, here’s a new way to enjoy your favorite food! This cream cheese dip uses your favorite dill pickles and a splash of pickle juice for dill-icious flavor. Pair this one with extra crunchy potato chips.

    Dreamy Fruit Dip

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    Making a fruit tray for your next party? Complete your platter with this airy fruit dip that starts with cream cheese and gets a bit of sweetness from marshmallow fluff. Next, try making these cream cheese appetizers in your kitchen.

    Loaded Hidden Valley Ranch Dip

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    25 Cream Cheese Dip Recipes for Every Occasion (8)

    Lauren Habermehl for Taste of Home

    The original Hidden Valley Ranch dip is a mainstay at potlucks. But this loaded ranch dip takes things to the next level with bacon, cheddar cheese and chives.

    Hot Spinach Spread with Pita Chips

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    Taste of Home

    Need an app that won’t leave you with leftovers at your next book club meeting? This hot spinach dip is it! Filled with plenty of spice and creamy cheeses, this one is hard to put down as you discuss the latest Kristin Hannah novel.

    Chocolate Chip Dip

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    This cream cheese dip is a sweet addition to your appetizer spread. Combined with a bit of brown sugar and vanilla extract, this tastes like chocolate chip cookies but richer. Pair with graham crackers or wafer cookies.

    Slow-Cooker Cheeseburger Dip

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    Break out your slow cooker for this super easy dip. Just stir in all the ingredients and let the slow cooker simmer on low. You can even prep this recipe a night in advance.

    Honey Fruit Dip

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    Go beyond basic sweet with your fruit dip. This recipe includes cream cheese and a bit of marshmallow fluff, of course, but gets personality from fresh orange zest and cinnamon.

    Quick Taco Dip

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    Go beyond salsa and guac at your next party and stir up a layered taco dip. With a base of cream cheese blended with taco seasoning, you can pile on all your favorite taco toppings like tomato, cheese, olives and green onion.

    Five-Cheese Fonduta

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    If one cheese is good, five is way better! This fonduta (that’s the Italian version of fondue) includes cream cheese, fontina, cheddar, parmesan and mozzarella. Stir in your favorite Italian herbs and plenty of garlic before popping it in the oven. This is a decadent app that guests will love.

    Bacon Cheddar Dip

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    Bacon? Cheddar? Ranch? This dip has all the flavors you crave stirred in one. Serve this one with butter crackers or potato chips.

    Artichoke Spread with Garlic Bread

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    Filled with spinach and artichoke, this dip is an instant hit at parties. Serve it with crackers or take it to the next level and toss some garlic bread in the oven for dipping. Homemade is always best, but our Test Kitchen likes these garlic bread brands from the freezer section, too.

    These are the states where Artichoke dip is the most popular game day dip.

    Hot Crab Dip

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    Taste of Home

    For many folks, it’s not a party without hot crab dip! Make it yourself with imitation crab. It’s so easy!

    Salmon Dip with Cream Cheese

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    Curry powder gives this easy salmon dip extra personality. Serve this dip alongside seedy crackers or even toasted pita.

    Strawberry Cream Cheese Dip

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    Need a sweet addition on your snack table? This strawberry cream cheese dip is perfectly sweet thanks to fresh berries and a hint of honey. Serve it with graham crackers or homemade shortbread cookies.

    Million Dollar Dip

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    25 Cream Cheese Dip Recipes for Every Occasion (20)

    This Pioneer Woman favorite is filled with three kinds of cheese plus cream cheese! It’s loaded with flavor thanks to bacon, onion and garlic and has a nice crunch thanks to a sprinkling of almonds. Don’t forget to check out our favorite million-dollar spaghetti recipe.

    Hot Wing Dip

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    Get all the flavors of hot wings in a single dish. Guests will want to scoop up chip after chip of this cream cheese dip. Choose your favorite hot sauce to customize the level of heat.

    Benedictine Spread

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    Benedictine spread is a Kentucky classic. You’ll find this dip that’s swirled with cucumber, dill and cream cheese served up at many a Derby Day party. Don’t forget the mint juleps!

    Beer Dip

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    Break out a bag of pretzels and crack open a beer! This beer cheese dip is the ideal app to serve at your Oktoberfest shindig. We recommend these Oktoberfest beers to get the party started (and to stir into this cream cheese dip!).

    Jalapeno Popper Spread

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    Taste of Home

    Try a twist on the classic appetizer with this dip. This cream cheese dip uses all the same flavors as a classic jalapeno popper and can be served up with tortilla chips, pita crisps or even crisp veggies.

    Sun-Dried Tomato Spinach-Artichoke Dip

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    Smoked gouda and sun-dried tomato take this spinach dip to the next level. Serve it with crackers, veggies or even toasted garlic bread.

    Garlic Blue Cheese Dip

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    Blue cheese fanatics, there’s finally a dip for you! This recipe uses cubed and crumbled blue cheese so you get more of the flavor you love. Use any leftovers as a sandwich spread.

    Originally Published: December 16, 2021

    25 Cream Cheese Dip Recipes for Every Occasion (27)

    Lisa Kaminski

    Lisa is a formerTaste of Home editor and passionate baker. During her tenure, she poured her love of all things sweet (and sometimes savory) into Bakeable, Taste of Home's baking club. Lisa also dedicated her career here to finding and testing the best ingredients, kitchen gear and home products for our Test Kitchen-Preferred program. At home, you'll find her working on embroidery and other crafts.

    25 Cream Cheese Dip Recipes for Every Occasion (28)

    Hannah Pugh

    Hannah Pugh is a former assistant editor for Taste of Home. She focused on writing affiliate content product reviews, newsletters and recipe collections. In her free time, she can be found sipping coffee at cafes, reading or rock climbing with her husband.

    25 Cream Cheese Dip Recipes for Every Occasion (2024)


    What's good to dip in cream cheese? ›

    Since this cream cheese dip is full flavor, it's also amazing as a dip for crackers and tortilla chips. We love using Ritz crackers, multigrain crackers, pretzels, pita chips and Kettle chips or Ruffles. You could even scoop some onto a wrap or sandwich, or spread a spoonful over a bagel!

    Can you freeze leftover cream cheese dip? ›

    Can You Freeze Cream Cheese Dip? If you'd like to prepare your cream cheese dips ahead of time or purchase ready-made dips ahead of your party, you can freeze them for up to two months. If you have leftover cream cheese dip, you can freeze it for two months in an airtight container or freezer bag.

    What can I put cream cheese on besides bagels? ›

    We've chosen recipes that use three-quarters or less of a standard 200g tub of cream cheese.
    1. Omelette. Enrich a thick, grilled frittata with cream cheese. ...
    2. Cakes and bakes. ...
    3. The ultimate sandwich. ...
    4. Fondue. ...
    5. Frosting. ...
    6. Sauces. ...
    7. Cheat's cheesecake. ...
    8. Meatballs.

    How long is cream cheese good for in a dip? ›

    If you've made a cream cheese dip at home, it typically lasts in the refrigerator for about 5 to 7 days. Be sure to store it in an airtight container to maintain freshness.

    What's the difference between cream cheese and cream cheese dip? ›

    Cream cheese spread has a softer and more spreadable texture, making it easier to spread on bread or crackers. Cream cheese, on the other hand, has a denser and firmer texture, which makes it suitable for use in recipes that require a thicker consistency.

    Why does cream cheese say do not freeze? ›

    Since cream cheese is about half water, it is especially sensitive to the formation and melting of ice crystals that happens during freezing and thawing.

    Why is my cream cheese crumbly after freezing? ›

    This is because ice crystals form during the freezing process. Cream cheese is approximately half water, emulsified with cheese curds. The ice crystals break down the emulsion, causing the water and cheese curds to separate, leaving a grainy, crumbly consistency once the cream cheese is thawed.

    Can you freeze sour cream or cream cheese dips? ›

    Just as you can freeze sour cream, you can also freeze sour cream-based dips just the same way. However, it's important to note that the texture of the dip may change upon thawing. Some separation may occur, and the dip may become slightly watery.

    What is a bagel with cream cheese called? ›

    In American Jewish cuisine, a bagel and cream cheese is sometimes called a "whole schmear" or "whole schmeer". A "slab" is a bagel with a slab of cream cheese on top. A "lox and a schmear" is to a bagel with cream cheese and lox or “Nova” smoked salmon.

    What can I do with too much cream cheese? ›

    36 Recipes You Can Make With A Block Of Cream Cheese
    1. 01 of 36. Tomato Soup Cake. ...
    2. 02 of 36. Possum Pie. ...
    3. 03 of 36. Cream Cheese Sausage Balls. ...
    4. 04 of 36. Carrot Cake With Maple-Cream Cheese Frosting. ...
    5. 05 of 36. Heavenly Angel Food Cake. ...
    6. 06 of 36. Cream Cheese Brownies. ...
    7. 07 of 36. Instant Pot White Chicken Chili. ...
    8. 08 of 36.
    Oct 23, 2023

    What vegetables go with cream cheese? ›

    We love the trendy combination of red bell peppers with cream cheese and everything bagel seasoning, but you can really use any non-starchy vegetable option that you enjoy! Try it with celery and carrots or slices of cucumber, zucchini or tomato.

    Can I use 2 year old cream cheese? ›

    According to Healthline, you can safely store cream cheese in the freezer for up to two months. Anything more (two years for instance) and the cream cheese will no longer be assuredly safe to consume.

    How do you keep cheese dip creamy? ›

    If you don't want to use American cheese, you can achieve the same creamy, stabilized texture with the addition of cream cheese — which also has stabilizers added. Use whatever cheese you like (cheddar, Monterey Jack or other cheeses) and then add 2 ounces of cream cheese to the mix.

    Can you leave cream cheese dip out overnight? ›

    Cream cheese should not be left out longer than two hours at room temp (or higher than 40 degrees F) because it then becomes a playground for nasty bacteria like salmonella. No one wants a trip to the emergency room over the carrot cake. If it's been out for longer than two hours, toss it—better safe than sorry.

    What is healthy to eat with cream cheese? ›

    Spread cream cheese on whole grain bread at breakfast, topped with bagel seasoning and veggies, such as sliced tomato, cucumber, red onion, and spinach. Season plain cream cheese with a touch of maple syrup, cinnamon, and freshly grated ginger as a dip for fresh fruit.

    What goes well with crackers and cream cheese? ›

    "Another childhood favorite of mine for a snack or appetizer. I remember my mom telling my grandma that we should introduce her to "crackers, cream cheese, and pepper jelly" and grandma said, "who are they, your cats?" Lol. This is always a hit.

    What dips go with cheese? ›

    Top 15 Sauces, Dips, and Chutneys to Add to Your Cheese Board
    • What's the Key to Finding a Perfect Cheese and Savory Condiment Pairing?
    • Classic Pesto Sauce.
    • Mustard.
    • Classic Chinese Chili Oil.
    • Mango Chutney.
    • Hummus.
    • Aioli (Classic or Flavored)
    • Olive Tapenade.
    Sep 16, 2022

    What is the best way to mix up cream cheese? ›

    You can beat cream cheese with a mixer or food processor or warm it up slightly in a microwave or warm water bath. You can also use these techniques to soften Neufchâtel which is a lower-fat cheese that is very similar and often interchangeable with cream cheese.


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