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Valentine’s Day is coming up and finding a gift to buy for your partner is always challenging — try making one instead! You’ll save money and your significant other will feel extra touched by the gesture, so here’s a list of several Do-It-Yourselfs (DIYs) to help inspire you.

“Open When” letters

This gift is a pack of letters that are assigned to many different types of events and are filled with whatever is fitting for such occasions. Your partner can open the correct one when each event occurs. Some Open When letters can be “open when you first get this,” “open when you are sad,” “open when we got into a fight,” “open when you miss me,” etc. You can fill these letters with inspiring/motivational, comforting or apologetic words, jokes and memories, depending on the theme of the letter that you are writing.

Memories scrapbook

This DIY is a great way to travel back through memory lane. You can fill it with pictures of you two, favorite songs of yours, locations you would like to visit together, etc. If you have been to movies, concerts, amusem*nt parks, zoos, etc, and have kept the tickets, you can also add them to your scrapbook. Creating such a personal gift gives you the freedom to make it as special as possible for your partner. If you fill it with inside jokes and memories, this gift will be sure to make your partner’s day. And if you want to do a collaborative activity, you could even gather and gift your partner the supplies to make the project together.

Love coupons jar

In this DIY, fill a mason jar with free coupons for tasks that your partner can use anytime. For example, you can make coupons for free massages, a restaurant date, breakfast in bed, being pampered, movie night, etc. This is a great way to offer your time and services to your loved one to relieve them from stress. If you want this project to be less work, you can print out the cards, but for a nicer touch, handwrite the coupons on cute stationery.

Couple time capsule

During Valentine’s Day, you and your beau can fill a time capsule of things that will become memories once you open it months or years later. You can put letters that you have written for each other to be opened by your future selves, pictures of you both, a list of places you would like to visit together or things you would like to do, etc. This idea is similar to the scrapbook, but opening it years later will let you revisit your younger selves from months or years ago with your partner. It can help you see if your goals have been fulfilled and if you have seen and traveled to all the places you dreamed about in the past. You can also reopen the time capsule several Valentine’s Days later so that you can have another romantic activity to do in a few years.

Traditional love letter

An extremely romantic Valentine’s gift that could bring a smile to your partner’s face, although fairly straightforward, is a traditional love letter. Pouring out your feelings onto a page is one of the best ways to show love on Valentine’s Day. By giving them a heartfelt letter to show your appreciation for your loved one, you can make Cupid’s day even more romantic!

Baked goods or homemade dinner

Another way to show your partner some love on Valentine’s Day is by putting effort into making food for them. Baking them cookies, pastries or a very nice dinner can make a great Valentine’s Day gift that’s very cost-effective! If you choose to cook them dinner, it can also make for a great stay-at-home date.

“52 things I love about you” card deck

For this project, you will need a card deck and some paint to decorate each card and write down 52 different reasons you love your partner. Decorating these cards with your and your partner’s tastes will make this gift extremely special, as it shows the time and effort that went into creating it. By making a personal craft, like all of these on the list, you can represent your love with a physical keepsake.

This or that card choice date night game

This last DIY is a great way to have fun with your partner. Write different date choices on separate note cards for your partner to randomly choose to design an unexpected and original date night. Start by making your partner choose a cute date location (e.g. the beach vs. the park) and then use your creativity to choose what other cards you will make. You can add things like restaurants or specific foods (ex: Italian vs. Japanese food), movies to watch (e.g. “Notting Hill” vs. “The Notebook”), activities to do together (e.g. painting vs. video games), etc…

These gift ideas are only a few DIYs that you can make for your partner to make your Valentine’s Day special. But any gift you tailor to their tastes and personalize for them with aspects of your relationship will be a surefire way to make your Valentine smile.

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Make, don’t buy, your Valentine’s Day gifts this year! - Highlander (2024)


Should a woman buy a man a Valentine's Day gift? ›

It is the celebration of your partner for who they are and how lovely their presence is! So, to add to the beauty of your relationship, both partners can and should present gifts to each other. Gift-giving always brings many happy memories to the albums!

Is it weird to buy yourself a Valentine's Day gift? ›

Even if you're expecting something romantic from your love or a fun Galentine's Day present from friends, you should still consider buying yourself a little something to celebrate, well, you. Many of the ideas below have a self-care theme to help you relax and unwind after a stressful day.

Do guys get Valentine Day gifts? ›

So, go ahead and start searching for the perfect Valentine's Day gift to make him feel special. Just don't forget to pair your present with a sweet card and even a homemade dinner for a memorable celebration together. Just remember that he'll love anything you choose to give as long as it comes straight from the heart.

Do guys care about Valentine's Day? ›

In Today's Talker — it seems men care more about Valentine's Day than women do. According to a new survey by One Poll, more than half of the men questioned expected their partner to put in max effort for the holiday. Only 36% of women felt the same way.

What do girls give to guys on Valentines Day? ›

That's precisely why something thoughtful is the best option for a Valentine's Day gift for your boyfriend. There are plenty of cute things (think: a matching set of coffee mugs) and creative finds (from neck massagers to DIY books or even personalized whiskey glasses) that will fit the bill.

What does it mean when your boyfriend doesn t buy you a Valentine gift? ›

Generally, some reasons why this embarrassing and heartbreaking event happened include: he's just too busy, your gift might still be in transit, or worse, he doesn't love you anymore. It might also be because he's planning a surprise for you or because he views valentine's as a “Hallmark Holiday.”

What do most people buy on Valentine's Day? ›

Most people surveyed by the National Retail Federation in 2024 said they planned to spend money on candy. 40% said they would spend money on Valentine's Day cards, 39% on flowers, 32% on an evening out and 22% on jewelry.

Is it OK to give cash as a Valentine gift? ›

Sending money as a Valentine's Gift is flexible and suits everyone. One of the biggest benefits of sending money as a Valentine's gift is that it gives the recipient the freedom to choose what they want to spend it on.

Is Sweetest Day for guys or girls? ›

(Some interpret Sweetest Day as being a day to give sweets and gifts to boyfriends and husbands since they consider Valentine's Day to be traditionally focused on women as the recipients of such things).

Is Valentine's day for the guy or girl? ›

But, while the sacred time of boxes of chocolates, flowers, expensive gifts, and candlelight dinners is supposedly dedicated to the celebration of both sexes, more men are arguing that Cupid's day has become gender-specific, and the proof is in the heavily marketed pre-packaged gifts and V-Day staples that they believe ...

Who is supposed to give chocolate on Valentine's day? ›

It's often seen as a romantic gesture and a way to express love and affection to someone special. In some cultures, it's customary for men to give chocolates to women on Valentine's Day, while in others, it's more common for both men and women to exchange chocolates and other gifts.

Do men want Valentine's? ›

Valentine's Day is a popular holiday for couples that dates back to the 1300s. Throughout history, this holiday has been celebrated by couples but, more so, the women in the relationships. However, a survey has proven that men enjoy celebrating the holiday and getting showered with gifts too.

How do men feel when they get gifts? ›

Often times when guys receive gifts from a lady whether close or not, guys tend to feel valued or loved, even though they might not show it. There are also times a guy might interpret the gift as a sign of interest especially if they are not so close.

What do you call Valentine's Day for guys? ›

Malentine's Day

With the most celebrated day of romance taking place on the 14th February, the days leading up to the Feast of Saint Valentine can be celebrated by great mates.

Is it okay to buy gifts for yourself? ›

Regardless, we're here to tell you that buying a new goodie for yourself is never a bad thing. In fact, we encourage it. When was the last time you took the time and spent the money on yourself after all? Our guess is it's probably been a while.

What can I get myself for Valentines Day? ›

Spa Gift Set

While normally you might treat yourself to a day at the spa, you can recreate the experience at home with this bestselling gift set. It features plenty of essentials including bath salts, a lavender body oil, a scented candle and a super soft face towel.

Can Valentine's Day be about self love? ›

Show love for yourself and appreciation for the love that surrounds you with whatever simple self-care activities bring you joy, rest, or relaxation. Connect with an old friend, take a nap, do that home hobby you've been wanting to try, enjoy the outdoors, or eat a favorite food.

How do you send a Valentine's Day to yourself? ›

If you feel really down about being alone on Valentine's Day, go ahead and send yourself some flowers or your favorite candy to your place of work or your home. This gift will be special because you received it from someone who knows you best—you!


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