The Rock Confirms Drew McIntyre Re-Signing With WWE; Says THIS For The Scottish Psychopath (2024)

Find out what The Rock said about Drew McIntyre re-signing with WWE. Also, know the details of McIntyre’s new deal with the WWE.

By Mohammad Bilal

Published on Apr 28, 2024 | 11:38 AM IST| 75K

The Rock Confirms Drew McIntyre Re-Signing With WWE; Says THIS For The Scottish Psychopath (1)

The Rock (L) and Drew McIntyre (R). Photos: Getty

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Drew Mclntyre’s re-signing with the WWE has been speculated for months now. The Scottish Psychopath’s contract was due to end in a month or so, and there was no word from him. It was also earlier reported that McIntyre was unhappy with the WWE management for not keeping him in the loop of the WWE’s merger with UFC, under the TKO group.

However, all those speculations and rumors of him parting ways with the WWE came to rest on Sunday, when one of the Board directors of the TKO group, Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson himself announced the re-signing of McIntyre with the WWE. Since The Rock is now a board member, all the important decisions of superstars resigning from the company have his approval too.

So, The Great One himself took to social media to announce Drew McIntyre's re-signing with the WWE. The Rock broke this news to McIntyre by sending a letter wrapped along with a claymore, which McIntyre always portrays during his entrance into WWE.

What Did the Rock Say for Drew McIntyre?

The Rock congratulated Drew McIntyre for his new WWE and told him that he personally wanted to deliver the gift to him, but then he was having his hands on some cheat meals, weeks after WrestleMania 40.

The Rock Confirms Drew McIntyre Re-Signing With WWE; Says THIS For The Scottish Psychopath (2)

The Rock Confirms Drew McIntyre Re-Signing With WWE; Says THIS For The Scottish Psychopath (3)


He wrote, “As you’re a man of yours - Congratulations Drew McIntyre on signing your new WWE deal. As we talked about after your WrestleMania match, I know this Scottish Claymore represents everything that you, your family and your country embody. Alba gu bràth ??? As you know, I wanted to personally hand deliver this gift to you at your meeting with Nick Khan, but I had warm cheat meals and chilled tequila waiting for me.”

Previously, Drew McIntyre could be seen opening the letter and receiving the claymore from a person. He later looks at the camera, and says, “Man of your words,” referring to The Rock.

The Rock Confirms Drew McIntyre Re-Signing With WWE; Says THIS For The Scottish Psychopath (4)

What Is the New Deal of McIntyre With the WWE?

According to Fightful Select, McIntyre has signed a "multi-year, big money deal" with WWE. PWInsider also confirmed that McIntyre and WWE arrived at the new deal 2-3 days ago and that both sides are satisfied with the result.

It is also being reported that The Scottish Psychopath has signed a three-year deal with the WWE, and if that is the case, then 2027 would also mark his stay in the company for 10 years. McIntyre returned to WWE in 2017 and stayed with WWE NXT for some time before being promoted to the main roster.

It was in 2020 that McIntyre got a major push from the company when he went on to win the Royal Rumble eliminating Brock Lesnar. Then at WrestleMania 36, he beat Brock Lesnar fair and square to win the WWE Universal Championship. But that was in an empty arena, with the novel coronavirus hitting the world.


McIntyre lost the title in a year at the Elimination Chamber when The Miz cashed in his Money In The Bank Contract. Then McIntyre once again won the World Heavyweight Championship at WrestleMania 40 beating Seth Rollins, but that was just a five-minute glory as Damian Priest cashed in his Money In The Bank once again, beating McIntyre to snatch the World Heavyweight Championship.

It remains to be seen whether McIntyre gets his hands back on Damian Priest to win the coveted title for the third time in his WWE career.

The Rock Confirms Drew McIntyre Re-Signing With WWE; Says THIS For The Scottish Psychopath (5)

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The Rock Confirms Drew McIntyre Re-Signing With WWE; Says THIS For The Scottish Psychopath (2024)


Does Drew McIntyre have a child? ›

A: As of now, Drew McIntyre and his wife Kaitlyn Frohnapfel do not have any children.

Who is Drew McIntyre's mother? ›

Who is Drew McIntyre from WWE married to? ›

Kaitlyn Frohnapfel is a doctor. She earned a medical degree from the University of Florida while competing on the school's track and field team. She met Drew McIntyre at a bar in 2013, while Drew was grieving the loss of his mother and felt unmotivated in his WWE career.

How much is McIntyre the wrestler worth? ›

As of 2023, Drew McIntyre has accrued a net worth estimated at $2 million. The predominant source of his income stems from fees earned through his participation in wrestling matches. Furthermore, his earnings increase through victories in these matches, significantly bolstering his overall net worth.

Is Drew McIntyre really Scottish? ›

He is the first and only Scottish world champion in WWE history and the 31st Triple Crown champion.

Does Drew McIntyre have a college degree? ›

TIL Drew McIntyre has a Master's degree in Criminology, are their other wrestlers with interesting academic backgrounds?

Did Brock Lesnar have a son? ›

How much does Drew McIntyre weight? ›

Who did Drew McIntyre lose the belt to? ›

Drew McIntyre defeated Seth Rollins in a red hot show opener to win the World Heavyweight Championship for the first time—only to lose the title minutes later to Damian Priest, who successfully cashed in his Money in the Bank briefcase after McIntyre was attacked by guest announcer CM Punk.

Who is Drew McIntyre favorite wrestler? ›

Drew McIntyre also grew up watching Bret Hart's matches. Hart was Drew's favorite wrestler in his childhood.

Who is Drew McIntyre in a relationship with? ›

Wife, doctor, trainer. Kaitlyn Frohnapfel, born on 31 December, 1991 in Largo, Florida, to Richard and Wendy Frohnapfel, is best known as the wife of WWE superstar Drew McIntyre.

How did Drew McIntyre meet his wife? ›

Kaitlyn Frohnapfel: WWE Champion Drew McIntyre's Second Wife, Met Him at a Tampa Bar When She Was a Medical Student. Every WWE fan knows Drew McIntyre, the two-time WWE champion from Scotland. But ever since his wife, Kaitlyn Frohnapfel, entered the spotlight in 2015, we've all wondered who she is.

Who is the No 1 richest wrestler in WWE? ›

Vincent McMahon, the CEO and chairman of World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE), is not only the head of the company but also the richest wrestler globally, with a net worth of $2.3 billion, according to Forbes.

What car does Drew McIntyre drive? ›

Drew McIntyre's vehicles include a Land Rover Range Rover, a Mini Cooper S, a Lamborghini Huracan, and an Aston Martin DBX.

Who is the top paid wrestler? ›

According to sources, the highest WWE salary for a WWE main roster superstar is 12 Million and belongs to the Current WWE Universal Champion, Brock Lesnar. The lowest salary, on the other hand, is $250,000. Following Lesnar, 16-time World Champion John Cena earns an enormous paycheck, even though he's part-time in WWE.

Is Solo Sikoa married? ›

Personal life. Fatu is married and has two children with his wife.

Who is CM Punk's wife? ›

Mendez regards herself as a tomboy and has an interest in comic books, anime, and video games. She has the numerical date of her first WWE Divas Championship win tattooed in tally marks on the back of her neck. Mendez married fellow professional wrestler Phil Brooks, better known as CM Punk, on June 13, 2014.


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