TNA Rebellion 2024 Review – TJR Wrestling (2024)

The main event of TNA Rebellion saw Nic Nemeth face Moose in his quest to become TNA World Champion for the first time. It also featured Josh Alexander taking on Hammerstone as well as title defenses by Mustafa Ali and Jordynne Grace.

TNA was back at the site of their rejuvenation, Las Vegas, for an event where the build was as good as any of their PLEs in recent memory. Nic Nemeth has been a great addition to the roster, and along with (Alexander) Hammerstone, the Grizzled Young Vets, Xia Brookside and Mustafa Ali, has really given the TNA roster a fresh feel to it. I think some divisions are certainly still light on, in terms of number of challengers/ competitors, but they have built some nice feuds here and I am especially invested in Hammerstone vs Alexander III and Nemeth vs Moose. Mustafa Ali continues to be tremendous in his heel role and Jake Something has stepped up to the plate to challenge him. There were also some teases of returns/ debuts during the press conference, so we will see what pans out there. My excitement for the show was probably at an 8/10, as TNA usually delivers a quality show for one of their big four PPV events.

TNA actually put in some effort for the pre-show, which WWE has kind of given up on as they’re on a streaming service already, but I didn’t watch it as this show airs on a Sunday my time and time is money! I will do some play-by-play and some summary-style for the main show matches. The pre-show results were:

* ABC & Leon Slater defeated The Rascalz by pinfall
* Laredo Kid defeated Crazzy Steve to win the TNA Digital Media Championship by pinfall. That was certainly a surprise to me
* Spitfire defeated Decay to retain their TNA Knockouts’ Tag Team Championships

I might go back and have a look at those matches tonight, as that’s certainly the strongest pre-show lineup that TNA has done for a long time.

TNA Rebellion: 20.4.24 from The Palms in Las Vegas, Nevada

The pre-show ended with some of Mustafa Ali’s hired protestors sitting in the ring, with signs that protested Jake Something contesting in the X-Division. Cody Deaner came out and removed them from the ring, so we are kicking off the show with the X-Division title match. They had the national anthem and then the opening video focused on Nic Nemeth taking down The System. We are straight into our first title match of the evening. The commentators were up on some sort of balcony rather than at ringside, which did look cool. The ring ropes tonight were purple which is strange but I don’t mind it. They don’t really stand out so we will see if it affects the presentation. The ramp is level with the ring too.

Match #1: TNA X-Division Championship: Mustafa Ali (c) vs Jake Something

This is a first-time match up and has actually garnered more interest than I would’ve thought. Ali hasn’t lost a match in any company in 8 months and I don’t think that will end tonight. Something used his strength early to toss Ali across the ring. Ali tried some chops to no avail. He went to the top but Something grabbed for a powerslam. Ali ducked out of it and hit a dropkick in the corner. He ran for another one but Something took off his head with a clothesline for 2. Ouch. He tossed Ali over the top rope and then tried for a strike but hit the ring ropes. Ali ran away and went across the ring, then slid out again. Something ran at him and Ali turned it into a DDT on the floor. Awesome move. Ali hit a rolling neckbreaker and Something bailed to the entrance ramp. Ali rolled out of the ring and hit another neckbreaker on the ramp! He tried to get a count out win but Something made it back into the ring at 7. Ali nailed him with a third neckbreaker as Something made it into the ring. He wrenched at the neck as he had Something in a seated position. Something shoved Ali into the turnbuckle. Ali landed on the ropes and went for a Tornado DDT. Something caught him and tried for a suplex but Ali ducked out the back and nailed a Tilt awhirl DDT for 2. Ali went for a standing moonsault but Something caught him as he laid on the mat. Ali slipped out and hit a superkick. Ali went for a running head scissors but Something held on and turned it into a sitout powerbomb! Something dead-lifted Ali and turned it into a backbreaker from the torture rack position. Jake got a close 2 count as the “TNA” chants rung out. He went to the top but Ali cut him off and he nailed a German suplex on the ring apron from the top rope! Ali’s Secret Service members ran down to the ring and held Something down so Ali could nail the 450 Splash. Another SS member was distracting the referee. Ali rolled into the cover but Something kicked out at 2. The commentators mentioned that it was the first time someone in TNA had kicked out of the 450. Ali tried to bail to the outside so Something ran the ropes and did a big splash onto the Secret Service members on the outside. He went back into the ring but Ali tried to surprise him with a roll up and almost got the 3 count. Ali went for a springboard DDT but Something nailed him in mid-air with a stiff forearm. Something nailed Into the Void but Ali got his foot on the bottom rope before 3. He went for a powermbomb but Ali raked his eyes. Ali sent Something into the ring post shoulder-first. He trapped Something in a pin and held the bottom ropes to retain his title after 11 minutes.

Winner AND STILL TNA X-Division Champion: Mustafa Ali

Analysis: ***3/4 What a great opening match. It’s hard to book the ending because they want to keep Something strong, but it was a bit out of nowhere otherwise I think a better sequence would’ve made me rate it slightly higher. They have teased physical confrontations throughout the feud so when they finally got to it, the crowd was into the match and they gelled so well together. I thought it was a great choice for the start of the show.

There was a video package for Joe Hendry vs Rich Swann, where Swann turned heel and joined AJ Francis (after a lot of convincing) to create the stable First Class.

Match #2: Rich Swann w/ AJ Francis vs Joe Hendry

Hendry did another funny video to his theme with AJ and Swann doing silly dance moves. He’s lame but it works. The commentators even dropped a South Park line in there which I marked out for. They took the fight to the outside early and Swann ran Hendry’s face across the steel steps. Swann went to work on Hendry with a series of kicks for a 2 count. He targeted the back with a stretch submission move and then a guillotine but Hendry turned it into a suplex. Hendry knocked Francis off the apron then gave Swann a huge back body drop. He ran the ropes but AJ pulled the ropes down so Hendry tumbled to the floor. A rapper (I think) in the crowd gave AJ a steel chain but he was stopped by NFL player Shawne Merriman. I’m sorry these guys are no names to me, but if they are popular then I apologise. Merriman got into the ring and challenged Francis to a fight. Francis agreed and Merriman backed him into the corner. AJ backed down and when the referee was dealing with him, Merriman clobbered Hendry with a clothesline. Swann hit the Frog Splash for the win after 7 minutes.

Winner by pinfall: Rich Swann

Analysis: **1/2 That was more of an angle than a serious match, but I did enjoy it. I don’t think Merriman will be a regular but it was just a cheap way for Swann to get the win. I think this feud will continue.

Match #3: Full Metal Mayhem: Eric Young vs Frankie Kazarian

This will be pretty brutal. All weapons are legal and falls can only happen inside the ring. Young nailed Kaz with his mask before the bell. The fight went to the floor pretty early. Young tossed a ladder on Kaz twice. He set it up between the ring barricade and the ring. Young tried to whip Kaz into it, but Kaz slid under and then rammed it into Young’s ribs. Kaz set up a table on the floor. He wanted Fade to Black but Young wriggled free and they battled on the ring apron. Kaz sent Young into the ring but Young hammered him with right hands so he teetered on the apron. Young bit Kaz’s hands to try and break his grip on the ropes. Kaz hit a slingshot DDT back inside the ring for 2. He brought a ladder into the ring and went for a legdrop on it but Young moved out of the way. Young moved the ladder into the corner and whipped Kaz hard into it. He went back under the ring and bashed Kaz’s head in with baking trays and a trash can lid. Young sent a steel chain into the ring and then the Abyss-inspired baseball bat framed with nails. He missed a shot with it and Kaz tried to lock in the Chicken Wing. Kaz tried to force Young’s face into the baseball bat but he broke free. He missed a shot with the bat, too and whipped Young into the corner. Young did his Ric Flair flip onto the apron so Kaz speared him from the apron through the table with perfect timing. Great spot. They exchanged right hands in the middle of the ring. Both men hit baking tray shots to the head, multiple times. Young took advantage with repeated blows then a DVD for 2. Young went to the top but Kaz cut him off with a steel chain. He wrapped the chain around Young’s face as he tried to lock his Chicken Wing with an assist from the chain. Young broke free and tossed Kaz from the top with the chain. He put a trash can over the head of Kaz and nailed him with a steel chain-assisted right hand. Kaz remained trapped in the can so Young hit a top rope elbow drop for a close 2 count. He went back to the top but Kaz stopped him with a shot from the trash can lid. Kaz nailed an Unprettier on the ladder for 2. He brought another table into the ring. The crowd chanted “We want fire!” Kaz set the table up in the centre of the ring and placed Young on it. Kaz grabbed a trash can and was going to hit a moonsault with the can to brace his fall. Young quickly stopped him and joined him on the top rope but Kaz hit a low blow. Kaz nailed the Flux Capacitor but it did not go well and Young’s head hit the side of the table and sliced him open. He made the cover and the referee counted the fall to give Kaz the win after almost 16 minutes.

Winner by pinfall: Frankie Kazarian

Analysis: *** I’m not sure if that was the planned ending or not but it was a rough landing for Young and I hope he is okay. Young talked about channeling his old ways but there was nothing particularly violent about this match. It was a good fight but nothing more, really.

Steve Maclin Is Here

Maclin walked to the ring with a piece of paper in hand. I remember him winning the TNA World Title at this show 12 months ago in a great match against Kushida. He was not scheduled for a match tonight but I think I know why he’s there. Maclin said he had a new contract in his hand that he got this morning. The crowd didn’t really react. He said every one of his contract demands has been met except for one and that’s a match right here and now. Here’s Santino Marella to address that demand. Santino got a nice reaction and called Steve Mack Lane. He said Maclin was very lucky that Santino has just signed a new superstar who is eager to get started right now. Here comes his opponent…Mike Santana! The camera just showed the crowd reaction for the first 10 seconds as we were left to wonder who it was. He was doing nothing in AEW after being injured and having a fallout with Ortiz so I’m happy he’s back in TNA after a 5-year absence. The crowd gave him a pretty big reaction so that’s positive.

Match #4: Steve Maclin vs Mike Santana

The bell rang and they brawled instantly. Santana took down Maclin with 2 clotheslines. He sent Maclin to the outside with a clothesline and hit a huge dive over the top, where his legs actually landed over the guard rail! He took some time to soak up the fan reaction so Maclin tossed him into the ring post. Maclin chopped Santana across the ring but Santana fought back with chops of his own. Maclin hit a hard running back elbow for 2 and immediately followed up with a backbreaker for another 2 count. He hit a running knee with Santana against the ropes. Santana blocked a backbreaker but missed a clothesline so Maclin set him up in the Tree of Woe. Maclin missed his clothesline in the corner so Santana hit a rolling cutter out of nowhere. Santana hit a running uppercut in the corner and then a dropkick. Maclin cut him off with a big forearm but Santana fought back with a DVD for 2. Santana was setting up for the finish but Maclin cut him off with a running knee and a diving headbutt for 2. Santana fought out of a scoop slam attempt and nailed a big boot into a cannonball for 2. Maclin ducked to avoid Spin the Block and Maclin hit a Michinoku Driver for 2. He set Santana up in the Tree of Woe and nailed his diving crossbody for a close 2 count. Santana avoid the KIA, nailed a big boot, and then the STB for the win after 9 minutes.

Winner by pinfall: Mike Santana

Analysis: ***1/2 I’m not too familiar with Santana as a full-time singles performer pre-AEW, but I enjoyed what he brought to the table here and it was a hard-hitting contest that packed a lot into less than 10 minutes. It was the first major surprise of the evening, too, which is always nice.

Gia Miller was joined by The System. She tried to ask Alisha Edwards about her pairing with Masha Slamovich but Eddie cut her off. Myers said it’s time to focus on Speedball Mountain and they went to the ring. Miller asked Moose how he felt about his TNA title match tonight. Moose said it’s sad that Nemeth has all of his family here tonight to watch him lose. Moose introduced someone named John Abraham to back him up. Abraham put Moose over and said he had his back.

Match #5: TNA World Tag Team Championships: The System w/ Alisha vs Speedball Mountain

I would prefer to see Mike Bailey as a singles competitor but he remains in this tag team with Trent Seven. I liked some of the camera angles that they used in this match, especially when the wrestlers were fighting on the outside. Edwards and Myers struggled with the athleticism of Bailey early on. He managed a Shooting Star Press but Myers was able to kick out. Edwards nailed Seven with the Tiger Bomb and locked in a single-leg Boston Crab. Myers had Bailey trapped in the crossface, too. Bailey broke free and nailed Myers with a kick. He measured Edwards and kicked him hard in the chest twice but Edwards held onto the Crab. He did his dancing kick routine and hit an enziguiri to break Seven free of the submission. Bailey took out Myers on the outside with a moonsault. He came back in and hit another kick on Edwards, into a half and half suplex from Seven. Seven covered Edwards, who just kicked out before 3. They set up for a double team but Edwards shoved Seven into Bailey, sending him tumbling from the top turnbuckle. The System hit a Backpack Stunner/ legdrop combo on Seven for 2. That was cool. They set up for stereo Boston Knee Parties but Bailey came in and took out Myers. Seven launched Edwards to the mat with the Birming Hammer. Bailey nailed the Ultima Weapon and Myers broke up the pinfall just before 3. Great nearfall there. Bailey went for a dive off the ring apron but Myers hit him with a spear in mid-air. Seven fought off both of the heels in the ring but he was overrun by the Roster Cut/ Boston Knee Party finisher after 13 minutes.

Winners AND STILL TNA World Tag Team Champions: The System

Analysis: ***1/2 That was pretty good. They made Bailey and Seven look like a credible team but I didn’t think there was any doubt that The System would win. There wasn’t much cheating except for interference so that gives them a bit more credibility. I wonder what’s next for Speedball Mountain.

Match #6: Last Man Standing Match: Hammerstone vs Josh Alexander

The intensity in this one was there from the opening bell. Alexander hit a dropkick from the middle rope and went for the C4 Spike but Hammerstone hit a back body drop. He backed Alexander into the corner and hit a big spinebuster. Alexander fought back with a forearm and a German suplex. They brawled on the ring apron and Alexander dumped Hammerstone with a powerslam on the apron! Hammerstone returned the favour! He then press-slammed Alexander into the barricade as the referee began the count to 10. Alexander wasn’t down for long so Hammerstone suplexed him on the floor. The referee made it to 6 before Alexander pulled himself up using the guard rail. Hammerstone rammed Alexander’s face into the ring apron and told Alexander to stay down. He nailed a big right hand and picked up Alexander for a DVD. Alexander broke free and nailed a very safe half and half-suplex on the ring apron. Hammerstone tumbled to the floor and the referee began to count. He made it to his feet before 5 so Alexander sent him into the ring post. He tied Hammerstone’s legs up in the post with the Figure 4. Hammerstone stayed down for a bit but levelled Alexander with a clothesline. He mounted Alexander and nailed him with multiple shots to the back of the head, busting Alexander open. Alexander was slow to his feet but beat the ten count so Hammerstone smashed Alexander into the ring post again, head-first. A very wobbly Alexander made it to his feet but went straight into the Torture Rack. Hammerstone dumped Alexander in the centre of the ring in dominant fashion. Alexander beat the count but Hammerstone destroyed him with a pump kick. He sprang to life and suckered Hammerstone in with the ankle lock. Rehwoldt brought out a Dodgeball reference next- these guys are on fire tonight! Alexander trapped Hammerstone in the corner, upside-down and nailed a crossbody. Hammerstone got up at 5. Alexander wanted the C4 Spike but Hammerstone dropped to his knees. Alexander hammered him with kicks to the head and ribs. Hammerstone took a breather in the corner so Alexander got a mystery bag from under the ring. He brought out the thumb tacks as the first weapons of the match. Alexander set up Hammerstone on the top rope. He wanted a superplex onto the tacks. Hammerstone resisted with shots to the kidneys. Alexander teetered on the top turnbuckle but nailed Hammerstone with a few right hands. Hammerstone hit a headbutt and hit a huge Nightmare Pendulum onto the tacks! That was insane! Alexander was rolling in pain but he kept rolling onto more tacks. He rolled outside the ring to get to his feet at 9. That might have been Hammerstone’s best shot. Hammerstone tossed Alexander onto the entrance ramp. He wanted the Nightmare Pendulum but something caught his eye. Hammerstone grabbed the headgear of Alexander and smashed him with it. Alexander fought out of the Nightmare Pendulum and nailed a half-and-half on the ramp. He picked up Hammerstone and hit him with a huge C4 Spike on the ramp. Hammerstone began to stir but collapsed just before the 10 count and Alexander won the match after 21 minutes.

Winner by referee count: Josh Alexander

Analysis: ***3/4 That was another great match between these two. It’s tough to rate because of the stipulation but it was 20+ minutes of punishing each other and some really high-quality spots throughout. Hammerstone needed the win but they love Alexander staying strong and in the title picture.

There was another Jonathan Gresham vignette. I’m looking forward to his return.

Match #7: TNA Knockouts’ Championship: Jordynne Grace (c) vs Steph De Lander w/ The Good Hands

I’m going to refer to the challenger as SDL because it’s quicker to type. They faced each other once on Impact in 2022, with Grace getting the win. The commentators put this over as the biggest match of SDL’s career. She has a big size advantage here. George Iceman and Ash-by-Elegance were watching from a private skybox. Jade did the big ring introductions and SDL took over early, backing Grace into the corner. She missed a clothesline in the corner so Grace nailed a backfist. Grace nailed a forearm and went for the Juggernaut Driver but SDL blocked it and went to the outside. Grace hit a suicide dive and thankfully the barricade protected her because at the angle she was going she would’ve landed on her neck. They brawled on the ring apron and SDL hit a TKO using the ring ropes. She mounted Grace with right hands and got a 1 count. SDL nailed a big boot for 2. She choked Grace out in the ropes using her knee. SDL tried a scoop slam but Grace locked in a sleeper whilst sitting on SDL’s back. SDL slung Grace off her back with ease. She put Grace on the top rope and nailed another big boot. SDL overpowered Grace with a Fisherwoman’s suplex for 2. She hit a suplex but Grace bounced up and tried to clothesline SDL, who was too big. SDL nailed Grace with a huge clothesline. Grace blocked a corner attack and went back to the sleeper hold. SDL landed on Grace on the mat but Grace held on to the submission. The referee dropped her hand for the third time but John Skyler got up on the apron to distract him. Jason Hotch tossed SDL the Knockouts’ Title but she missed a shot on Grace and almost ran into the referee who had turned around. Grace went for a backfist but SDL ducked and the referee copped it. SDL nailed a German suplex and then blasted Grace across the head with the championship. The referee was out as The Good Hands tried to revive him. Hotch took the referee’s shirt off and went to count the 3 but the lights went out just before he hit the mat for 3. When the lights came back on, PCO was in the ring and he took down Hotch with a clothesline. PCO grabbed both Good Hands and decimated them with a double chokeslam. PCO sent them over the top rope with a double clothesline. SDL got to her feet and tried to suck up to PCO. PCO wasn’t having any of it and went to chokeslam SDL but Kon attacked him from behind. Kon suplexed PCO over the top rope and he took a nasty bump on the ring apron. Grace was back up now and faced Kon with courage. Kon shoved her down to the mat as the crowd booed. Grace nailed a low blow (“Right in the Jugger nuts” said Rehwoldt!) and went for the Juggernaut Driver but The Good Hands came back in to stop her. The 3 heels surrounded Grace in the centre of the ring and Kon went to do the neck snap but the lights went out again and it’s the returning Sami Callihan! Callihan took them all down with shots to the head with a baseball bat. Callihan destroyed Hotch with Cactus Driver 97. He looked a lot better with hair than his last run. Callihan grabbed SDL and tossed her back in the ring. Grace nailed her with the Juggernaut Driver for the win after 16 minutes.

Winner by pinfall AND STILL TNA Knockouts’ Champion: Jordynne Grace

Analysis: ***1/2 I’m not sure what to write about that. It was completely ridiculous and overbooked to the moon but it was so fun to watch. PCO has had some history with The Good Hands and of course, Kon, but I guess Callihan just needed a moment to pop up. Callihan was so dull in his last few months at TNA before he left for a while so hopefully he has found a bit more enthusiasm on his return. SDL looked like she belonged so I hope we see more of her going forward.

Match #8: TNA World Championship: Moose (c) vs Nic Nemeth

There have been a lot of ‘celebrities’ on this show so it’s good to see TNA getting some mainstream attention and being a bit more relevant in that regard. I’ll be honest, I actually couldn’t tell you who any of them were or what they did, but at least they’re trying to engage more people in the product. This is a first-time ever match up and I’m looking forward to it. It’s 11 years since Ziggler has been a World Champion. Moose used his power early on to take control. He went for one too many chops and Nemeth nailed him with a DDT for 2. He tuned up the band for a superkick but Alisha grabbed his leg to prevent the move. The referee saw all of it and did nothing about it. Moose clobbered Nemeth from behind with a forearm. The referee woke up and ejected all of The System from ringside. The crowd loved that. Moose turned around and Nemeth levelled him with a superkick for 2. Moose held the ropes to avoid Danger Zone. Nemeth jumped on his back for a sleeper. Moose tried to roll through but Nemeth held on tightly. He got to his feet and scaled the ropes with Nemeth still on his back. Moose jumped off with all his weight crashing down on top of Nemeth. He tossed Nemeth hard into the ring steps. Moose wanted a powermbomb from the ramp to the floor but Nemeth hit a superkick to the face and then a Fame Asser to the floor! Back in the ring, Nemeth hit a neckbreaker then the ten elbow drops. Moose rolled out of the ring so Nemeth nailed a diving elbow to the floor. Nemeth tossed Moose back into the ring and climbed the turnbuckle. He nailed an elbow from the top for a close 2 count. Nemeth went to the top again but Moose cut him off with Sky High from the top turnbuckle! Moose measured Nemeth for the spear but Nemeth rolled him up for 2. He went for another spear but again Nemeth rolled over for 2. Moose nailed a massive Jackknife powerbomb for 2. Moose took Nemeth to the ramp for another powerbomb. Nemeth tried to block it with a headscissors but Moose connected with a thunderous powerbomb on the ramp. They temporarily lost the picture and the referee began to count Nemeth out on the ramp. He crawled back into the ring at 9. Moose tried for a moonsault on a standing Nemeth and I think he was supposed to hit him with a superkick in mid-air but the spot fell flat. Nemeth saved it with a Fame Asser for a close 2 count. They exchanged right hands in the middle of the ring. Moose bounced off the ropes but right into a superkick. He went for a Spanish Fly but Nemeth countered it with a Fame Asser. Moose is trying some ridiculous moves to put Nemeth away here! Moose tried another spear but Nemeth rolled him over for a Sunset Flip pin into a superkick. Nemeth hit a spear of his own for 2. He wanted another superkick but Moose avoided it and hit part of a spear and that was enough to retain the title clean. The match went almost 18 minutes.

Winner AND STILL TNA World Champion: Moose

Analysis: ***1/4 It was a good main event, but there were some spots that weren’t quite right and the ending was completely flat as Moose didn’t hit his proper flipping spear but it still it was enough to put Nemeth away. They just seemed a bit off with their timing and communication so it wasn’t as polished as I might’ve hoped. That’s a shame for Nemeth as it was a really big moment for him but I actually don’t think any of the spots were his fault. Moose seemed to be trying to do too much in a big match, which is fair enough on a PLE, and sometimes it just doesn’t come off.

Eddie Edwards, Alisha and Brian Myers came out to celebrate with Moose. Some creepy music and video played on the screen (it was also shown at the press conference before the PLE). The arena went dark (for the third time tonight!) and the familiar cackling of Broken Matt Hardy filled the air. Hardy was in the ring and destroyed Moose with the Twist of Fate. Hardy did his Delete shtick towards The System on the ramp and held the TNA World Championship up in the air as Rebellion went off the air.

Analysis: Unfortunately, I saw this as a spoiler as I’m not watching it live, but it’s another surprise on this show and, as I’ve written before, anyone who wants to come to TNA to improve the product is welcomed by me. I’m not sure if Matt Hardy is the biggest name they could’ve got, but his TNA character was certainly very unique and interesting. There will be those that are saying he has gone from doing nothing on AEW Rampage and is just back in TNA for a pay day but he has dropped a bit of weight and looks ripped so perhaps he was anticipating something better than wasting away his days on AEW’s 3rd show. I’m not clamoring for a Moose vs Hardy feud but it could be fun.

Final Rating: 7/10

It wasn’t TNA’s best night of wrestling but it was strong on the surprises and newsworthy moments. Mike Santana, Matt Hardy and Sami Callihan all returned from time off or time in other companies and they all add depth to the TNA roster, something they desperately need. You could see the need so clearly in the TNA Knockouts’ Title match where it was overbooked to Vince Russo levels, but there are no new signings on that front. In terms of the matches, I enjoyed Ali vs Something and Hammerstone vs Alexander the most. They got the highest ratings with ***3/4, so there were no classic matches tonight however I enjoyed most of the in-ring action. The main event could’ve been something much more, but some spots fell flat and then that ending was just so anti-climactic. I look forward to the next set of tapings (I wish I didn’t have to write that!) and see if this new-found momentum can kick TNA forward again. We felt like this after the reboot in January, but then got some pretty mediocre shows until it started to pick up again in early April.

Any feedback or comments are welcome. My email address is in case anybody wants to get in touch with me and my Twitter handle is @thom*ok6 as well. Thanks for reading!

TNA Rebellion 2024 Review – TJR Wrestling (2024)


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