West African-Inspired Brisket Recipe (2024)



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I am a big fan of using the same pan with all the goodness of the fond. Simply remove the briwned brisket to a plate then add your sliced onions to the Dutch oven and proceed with the meat and veggies.


Any reason it can't be cooked in the Dutch oven rather than using the roasting pan? The meat is being covered anyway.

Andreas from Germany

I find it quite difficult from experience with similar dishes to sear the meat WITHOUT burning the spices. You need high temp for the meat, you do not want that high temp for the spices, especially not for garlic or turmeric or red Pepper powder. I suggest adding the spices after searing, or marinating the night before.


The recipe looks interesting and different than the average brisket. Just a note about your ingredients - All of the ingredients need to be Kosher for Passover, not just the canned tomatoes and the soup stock. Some ingredients are inherently Kosher for Passover, like the vegetables, but all of the spices need a kosher for Passover certification if you are going that route.


Just took this out of the oven. Michael Twitty - you are a rock star. Did it only in my Le Cruset - sautéed the onions and then the red peppers as soon as I diced them. Reduced the cayenne and chili pepper by 3/4 so spouse not screeching about it being too spicy. Could have added an additional 1/8 without harm. Greasy of course. Glad I made this 2 days ahead so I can skim off the fat a couple of times. Sauce delicious; brisket flavor filled. A winner!!


This sounds lovely and I will try it some time not on the holiday (I am not allowed to deviate from my standard recipe).Kris - I am a big braiser. I see no reason you cannot use a dutch oven if you have one big enough for a brisket. I do not, but my roasting pan is pretty much a dutch oven.


I'm wondering if I could just use this as a rub on a brisket and cook it in my smoker. Might have to give it a try.


This was fine, but basically tasted pretty much the same as any other brisket I’ve had, and it was a lot of work to get there. My guests enjoyed it, but it didn’t feel as different or special to me as I had hoped it would.


I made this tonight for our seder. It was good, but not as good as I had hoped it would be. The spice mix, which smelled absolutely amazing when I was making the dish, didn’t actually convey that much flavor to the meat itself, so the brisket ended up tasting very much like every other brisket I’ve ever had. (Which isn’t bad at all, but isn’t exciting either.) The onion and pepper mixture that the brisket cooks with was delicious. We followed the recipe pretty much exactly.


Absolutely fabulous. I cooked all in a Dutch oven, otherwise following the recipe. I served with garlic mashed potatoes.


Amazing recipe! Rave reviews! I made this for Passover last year and it was the best brisket I’ve ever tasted. Followed the recipe exactly and the flavors were just incredible! Not your grandma’s brown gravy brisket that’s for sure! I brought this to my brothers house and everyone went crazy over it- 2 other guests brought briskets as well, but this one was the winner by a long shot. Making again for Passover (10 pounds, so will double it) this week by popular demand! Make it!!!!


I upped the seasoning and dry rubbed the brisket so it sat in seasoning for 24 hours. Followed cooking instructions. At end reduced liquids to use as a sauce. Then it was five stars.


Made this for Rosh Hashanah. It was delish! Substituted 1/2 the beef stock w red wine. Made it a day ahead and reheated for an hour with a little more wine. Used the leftover meat to make tacos. I think this is my new go to.

Gabe F

Shots fired! My dad declared that he liked this way better than the (Eastern European inspired) brisket that my mom has made for years. I made this exactly as written, and it was great. It came together easily and I had no trouble with spices burning as some folks feared. Enjoyed by all three generations at the table.


I first did this with a small (~2 pound) brisket, all stovetop; we loved it. We eat more chicken than beef, so I repeated the recipe using cut-up boneless chicken thighs, simmered about 30 minutes. We ate it over riced cauliflower. Again, excellent!


This was a disappointment. Served it a day after making and was expecting really deep flavors, which never materialized. Far too sweet with all of the peppers.


Did 4lbs, cooked it 5hrs. Reheated the following day for almost an hour. It was delicious and got rave reviews. Cooking the day before certainly makes dinner prep easier.


Cooked this for Ostara and completely agree with the people who cooked it in one Dutch oven and who rubbed the spices on AFTER the meat is seared. I did both and the results were fantastic; definitely a special occasion dish.

Lauren G

There are many ingredients and as a single person I did not have horseradish, thyme or brown sugar. I also substituted beer for stock. My mom always cooked her brisket in beer. That being said…since I am cooking for one person I purchased a smaller 1.7 lb brisket. The first nine spices in the recipe I cut to a half teaspoon each. The biggest concern was the oven temp and cooking time. Unfortunately the internet is full of advice. I wish there had been more info on this portion of recipe. Thx.


I made this in advance, froze it and reheated it. I would say it was “good” but not a knock out. Most of the heat was gone (freezing seems to have impacted it). I felt it needed more of the cinnamon/pepper contrast to be truly flavorful. My family enjoyed it, but agreed that we could keep searching brisket recipes for next year.


My family said this was the best brisket ever.


Made this dish for friends. Delicious! The combination of ingredients gave the brisket a juicy and flavorful taste. I’m going to continue to make this brisket all year long!

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West African-Inspired Brisket Recipe (2024)


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