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Get all the cutest, most creative Valentine’s Day craft ideas here.

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Valentine’s Day is a totally underrated holiday in my opinion. I love to celebrate the people I love! It’s a family affair at our house and we usually have a silly family dinner together with lots of pink and heart-shaped foods.

Valentine’s Day also comes during a pretty boring time of year. January is so long and dark and is such a downer after the Christmas decorations get put away. So why not decorate for Valentine’s Day and live it up to see you through the winter? That’s my motto, anyway.

I’ve rounded up a bunch of different Valentine’s Day themed crafts and DIY decorations. These are ideas more geared towards adults, although you could do some with kids too. There is a ton of creative inspiration here, so I’ll bet you find something that sparks your imagination and makes you want to get crafting.

The Cutest Valentine's Day Crafts

These creative Valentine's Day crafts are a fun way to celebrate the season of love.

Valentines Day Crafts (2)

Beaded Hearts Craft for Valentine's Day

These beaded pipe cleaner hearts are an easy, mess-free Valentine’s Day craft for kids and adults alike.

Valentines Day Crafts (3)

Valentine's Day Countdown Candy Jars

Learn how to make these cute and super easy Valentine’s Day treat holders that double as a holiday countdown. Each candy inside is numbered 1-14 so you can have one kiss a day until Valentine's Day!

Valentines Day Crafts (4)

3D Paper Conversation Hearts

Make 3D paper conversation hearts for a cute and easy Valentine’s Day craft.

Valentines Day Crafts (5)

Duck Tape Valentine's Day Wreath

This cute wreath is made from Duck Tape. The giant red bow is so cute for Valentine's Day!

Valentines Day Crafts (6)

Printable Valentine's Day Countdown

Print out these cute mailboxes and use them as a countdown to Valentine's Day. They're meant to be used with Hershey Kisses.

Valentines Day Crafts (7)

Printable Valentines Day Utensil Pouches

Add a fun touch to your Valentine’s Day dinner or party with these festive printable utensil pouches. There are several designs to choose from.

Valentines Day Crafts (8)

Valentines Day Design: You Are My Happily Ever After

This adorable hand-lettered Valentines Day design is available as a cut file or printable. You are my happily ever after. Cute for a wedding too!

Valentines Day Crafts (9)

Candy Robot Valentine

If you’re looking for a fun and easy Valentine’s Day craft, you could try building a robot out of candy. This cute candy robot would make a great gift to give to your children on Valentine’s Day or it would be a fun craft to make in a school class or for your child to hand out in lieu of a paper Valentine’s Day card.

Valentines Day Crafts (10)

Valentine's Day Countdown Heart Garland

Make this cute and easy Valentine’s Day countdown garland using heart-shaped paper mache boxes and lace. Fill each box with a love note or a treat.

Valentines Day Crafts (11)

Free Printable Valentine's Day I Heart U Art

This alphabet art says I Heart U and is a cute and easy way to decorate for Valentine's Day. It would also be really cute in a nursery. Comes in several color combinations!

Valentines Day Crafts (12)

How To Fold A Heart Into An Envelope

Turn a paper heart into a cute DIY envelope in four easy steps.

Valentines Day Crafts (13)

Paper Clip Love Birds

Learn how to make Valentine’s Day Love Birds using scrapbook paper and metal paper clips.

Valentines Day Crafts (14)


Thumbprint Heart Jars

Make a keepsake with your child's cute thumbprints to decorate a jar or vase.

Valentines Day Crafts (15)


Candy Heart Key Chains

Valentines Day Crafts (16)


Giant Lips Pillow

Love this giant lip pillow so much!

Valentines Day Crafts (17)


Pucker Up Valentine’s Day Party

Such a simple idea, but so impactful. Add red lipstick kisses to balloons to decorate for a Valentine's Day party!

Valentines Day Crafts (18)


Valentine's Day balloon heart

If you're throwing a Galentines Day party, this balloon heart would make a great party backdrop!

Valentines Day Crafts (19)


You Mean the World to Me Globe Valentine

Turn a thrifted globe into a darling and punny Valentine's Day decoration. Use removable vinyl so you can remove the words and display the globe year round.

Valentines Day Crafts (20)


Sweater Heart Pillows

Upcycle an old sweater into a cute heart shaped pillow!

Valentines Day Crafts (21)


DIY Valentine's Day Branch Tree

Forage a branch from hte yard and cover it in hearts to make a really stunning Valentine's Day decoration.

Valentines Day Crafts (22)


Valentine Heart Pom Pom Pillows (tutorial)

Cute and easy Valentine's Day pillow ideas.

Valentines Day Crafts (23)


Hanging Flower Heart DIY

This giant floral heart makes a statement for your Valentine's Day party. Love the ombre arrangement of the flowers.

Valentines Day Crafts (24)


Giant Kisses for Valentine's Day

Make a giant rice krispy treat kiss to give to someone this Valentine's Day.

Valentines Day Crafts (25)


DIY Tattoo Valentine Plant Pots

Use those cute temporary tattoos to decorate a favorite vase or planter.

Valentines Day Crafts (26)


Chalkboard Paint Votives - Mason Jar Crafts Love

Turn any vase or jar into a Valentine's Day decoration with this simple idea.

Make a heart shaped twig wreath for Valentine's Day.

Valentines Day Crafts (28)


Crepe Paper Heart Shaped Topiaries

I think these heart shaped paper topiaries are just absolutely stunning and such a chic Valentine's Day decoration.

Valentines Day Crafts (29)


How To Make A String Art Neon Heart Sign

It's a string art heart, but with neon tubing! So cool!

Valentines Day Crafts (30)


Valentine’s Day “Love” Hoop Art

Turn an embroider hoop into a sweet little Valentine's Day decoration.

Valentines Day Crafts (31)


DIY Conversation Heart Soap

Making conversation heart soaps for Valentine's Dday is easier than you think.

Add vintage Valentines to a gold metal hoop for a simple but whimsical Valentine's Day wreath.

Valentines Day Crafts (33)


Valentine's Day Doily Garland

It doesn't get any easier... just string heart paper doilies together to form a charming little garland.

Valentines Day Crafts (34)


Valentine's Day Candy Trees

Turn all those cute heart shaped candies into candy tree decorations!

Valentines Day Crafts (35)


Felt Heart Valentine's Day Trees

Make these cute decorative heart trees for Valentine's Day.

Valentines Day Crafts (36)


How to Make Pine Cone Flowers

Turn pine cones into colorful flowers.

Valentines Day Crafts (37)


DIY Shabby Farmhouse Heart Rag Wreath Valentine's Day Wreath

Make a heart shaped wreath using up red and white fabric scraps.

Valentines Day Crafts (38)


DIY Pom Pom Tassel Heart Wall Hanging

For a colorful, modern twist, make a pom pom tassel heart wall hanging!

Valentines Day Crafts (39)


Valentines Day Accent Throw Pillow

Add an iron-on glitter heart to any pillow for a quick and easy Valentine's Day decoration.

Valentines Day Crafts (40)


XOXO Heart Clutch DIY

Make a faux leather heart shaped clutch to take out on the town this Valentine's Day.

Valentines Day Crafts (41)


Felt Valentines Garland Tutorial

Make a cute felt garland for Valentine's Day.

Valentines Day Crafts (42)


Valentine's Day Garland DIY - Easy Project

And here's another variation of a felt garland. Easy and cute!

Wrap up a pretty bouquet with these pretty cones for a more personalized touch.

Valentines Day Crafts (44)


DIY Valentine's Day Decor Ideas

Pink bunny tails make for a chic and subtle Valentine's Day DIY wreath.

Valentines Day Crafts (45)


How to Make Heart Paper Flowers

Look how cute these paper heart flowers turn out.

Valentines Day Crafts (46)


DIY Valentines Day Hot Air Balloon

A heart hot air balloon decoration for Valentine's Day? Yes, please!

Here's another Valentine's Day topiary idea. I love the pretty flowers!

Valentines Day Crafts (48)


Macramé Heart Key Chain

These heart shaped macramé keychains are so cute you'll want to use them all year!

Valentines Day Crafts (49)


Yarn Wrapped LOVE letters

Make a cute Valentine's Day decoration by wrapping oversized letters with yarn.

Valentines Day Crafts (50)


How to Make a Sweet and Simple Woven Heart Craft

This is a classic craft and can be changed up by what type of paper you use and the size you make it. Cute and sweet!

Valentines Day Crafts (51)


DIY Disco Ball Vase

Add red and pink flowers and this disco ball vase will make your Valentine's Day feel like a PARTY!

Valentines Day Crafts (52)


DIY Folded Paper Hearts For Valentine’s Day

Accordion fold colorful cardstock to make these cute paper hearts. These would be a great inexpensive table centerpiece for a party.

And there you have it. Tons of ideas! I am totally inspired and can’t wait to make something adorable for Valentine’s Day. Which craft is your favorite?

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Valentines Day Crafts (2024)


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